race|result Transponder

race|result Transponder


** Driveway racers: transponders are available for purchase at the track from Holland Racing. Only place an order here if you pay for shipping. **

The race|result active transponder is the timing device required for all 2019 road and cyclocross Texas Cup and State Championship events (and beyond). This unit is the timing standard for Dallas (Tues, Wed & Thur) and Austin (Driveway Series) weeknight crit races as well as Garland and Ft. Worth weeknight ‘cross races. See below for detailed information.

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This transponder is the same device first deployed in North Texas in 2016. The transponder (or “chip”) is also used at several regional events as well as many weeknight road and ‘cross events in North Texas and Austin areas. The unit carries a manufacturer’s five (5) year warranty and is expected to last seven years.

Why own?
By owning your own device you will save time and money not having to manage a rental unit on race day. When you purchase one your USAC license information will be assigned to the transponder’s serial number for easy reference at all Texas & Oklahoma races which utilize the race|result platform.

The device is mounted to the lowest point on the fork blade for road events (via supplied zip ties). For cyclocross events it is ideally worn on a velcro strap around the athletes ankle.

You may choose to pickup your transponder at select race events. If you choose to utilize the race pickup feature then you: 1) must place your order by midnight the Wednesday before the race (in most cases) and 2) enter accurate USAC license/name data for each transponder being purchased.